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I have been nominated by a colleague on Facebook under the #challengenaturephotography hashtag to post a natural landscape photo each day for seven days, nominating other photographers as I go. I would rather keep hold of my photographs rather than post them freely on FB so I am selecting all seven here and will post a link to each one as I go.

Each picture can be clicked to see the full-size version.

So I start with Tarn Hows in the Lake District, this one taken in 2013. A beautiful, peaceful lake, we walked around it (took about an hour) and we were blessed with a very sunny day with some gorgeous clouds. It also gave me an opportunity to use a new wide-angle lens to which I had treated myself.

Tarn in the Lake District

Tarn in the Lake District


The second photography comes from a trip to Australia in 2008. This is taken in Tinaroo, Queensland and these are Hoop Pine trees set against an wonderful sky in early evening. I loved the sunlight on the clouds in the sky, loved the colour and movement.

Sky in Tinaroo, Queensland.


The third is a view down a river, still in Queensland. We were told that this was probably populated by crocodiles and all sorts of other animals that you really don’t want to meet, especially under water. Hot, humid and tropical. Looks beautiful and peaceful but I wouldn’t go paddling in it…

Crocodile river, Queensland

Crocodile river, Queensland


Coming back to the UK for photograph four: this is taken across the Vale of Evesham at dusk and there was a beautiful mist settling into the valley. This was a tricky shot – I wanted to hold the colour in the sky but the light was fading fast in the foreground so I had to get the exposure very accurate to hold all the detail. I love the pastel colours going into the distance and the alternating slopes.

Mist in the Vale of Evesham

Mist in the Vale of Evesham


From a misty Cotswold scene to a sun-baked view in Catalonia, northern Spain. We were walking around a cliff path and came across this pair of boats that just looked like a couple of toys that you’d float in a bath. The water really was that colour and crystal-clear. Unfortunately it was also about a hundred feet below us, so rather inaccessible.



Back to the Lake District for photograph six: this is the Hardknott Pass, a winding road that never seems to end, passing through some of the most beautiful countryside in England. We were on our way to Scafell Pike and the road was alternately exhilarating and terrifying, with some seriously steep turns. The (auto) gearbox on the car never really recovered from it…

Hardknott Pass, Copeland

Hardknott Pass, Copeland


Finally, the seventh photograph has to be a sunset. This was taken in 2011 on the west coast (obviously!) of France, the Corniche Vendée. I waited for a while for this shot once I saw the sun going down and the cloud formation. The seagull appeared at just the right moment.

Cornishe Vendée sunset

Corniche Vendée sunset


Hope you enjoyed the pictures and thank you, Carol, for the nomination.


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